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60-second heartbeat on the podium, Wellohi and Li Rui married for love

  On December 14, at the 3rd i Berry Awards Ceremony held in Xi'an, Wellohi won the title of "The Most Favorite Brand of Consumers of the Year", and the awarding ceremony was staged with a 60-second heartbeat, married with Li Rui for love, which caused quite a stir at the ceremony.This "double happiness" was dubbed by people of the maternal and infant industry as  very" Wellohi"

Chen Tejun, Li Rui, the chief strategic officer of CNFONU, and Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONU, Xiao Keyong, deputy general manager of CNFONU

  Admired for long time and chimed in easily

Chimed in easily and cross your eyes

  At the 3rd i Berry  Awards Ceremony, Li Rui won the  "Most Valuable Spokesperson of the Year" award, as the host of Hunan Satellite TV Program and the village head of "Where Are We Going, Dad?", He Jiong once commented that "Li Rui  is always a warm presence in my eyes, and his screen image has always being concerned and tolerant."As the village head of the "Where Are We Going, Dad?", the words and deeds of love even won the hearts of the national audience."

Li Rui, who is quite surprised by the "confession"

  In real life, Li Rui insisted on public welfare for more than 20 years,recently, he also launched the public welfare activity "Follow the village head to be a volunteer teacher", bringing high-tech public welfare care to rural children and left-behind children.It is no wonder that Mr. Xiao  always "confessed" to Li Rui when he delivered his acceptance speech—I hope that  the two can reach in-depth cooperation.The  scene was picked up by the host, and asked  Li Rui if he was interested in it in the testimony of nearly 1,000 people.Unexpectedly, Li Rui also revealed a secret - he has always been recognized Wellohi.In May of this year, Li Rui once participated in the Wellohi "Wellohi upgrades for love, CNFONU wins the future" 2018 Enterprise Strategy Upgrade Conference of CNFONU.Through cooperation, Li Rui learned that Wellohi is not only committed to improving the imbalance of maternal and infant nutrition in China, but also has been committed to improving the current situation of maternal and infant nutrition cognitive deficit in China, and believed that Wellohi is a brand with much love.

Wellohi and Li Rui succeeded hand in hand

  Under the matchmaking of the host, under the witness of Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONU and nearly a thousand industry elites, Wellohi and Li Rui succeeded in "hand in hand" at the scene.Both parties share the same values and have a passionate heart for the public welfare,which can be said to be chimed in easily.

  Open a new journey of brand public welfare

General manager Cheng and Li Rui were interviewed by the media

Li Rui calls for Wellohi

  After more than ten years of hard work, Wellohi has developed into a well-known brand in the maternal and infant nutrition industry, especially committed to creating DHA brain intelligence nutrition leading brand in the product aspect.In terms of the public welfare, Wellohi has also been making continuous efforts. In addition to proposing the "Thousand-day Nutrition, Thousand-day Immunization"  program, and in recent years, it even launched a "Intelligent Express" public welfare activity nationwide to popularize infant brain health knowledge.And this time hand in hand with Li Rui, who has a good screen image, will surely further bring more meaningful activities for mothers and babies, and jointly contribute more strength to the maternal and infant nutrition and health in China. Marriage for love, public welfare peer!
Wellohi won the title of the title of "The Most Favorite Brand of Consumers of the Year"in the 3rd i Berry AwardBACKGathering together to achieve win-win situation | Wellohi won won the "Best Supplier Award" of MSHs Pregnant Women & Baby in 2018