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"Win the Dream, Promise Your Future" Guangzhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp., Ltd. 2019 Annual Meeting Grand Ceremony Successfully Ends!

  It was not until 2019 that the Annual Meeting Grand Ceremony yearly was held in CNFONU.On the evening of January 7, "Win the Dream, Promise Your Future" Guangzhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp., Ltd. 2019 Annual Meeting Grand Ceremony was held in Richwood Garden Hotel.

  Cheng Yan, General Manager, Xiao Keyong, Vice General Manager, Yang Pei, Vice General Manager of CNFONU, Chen Tejun, Chief Strategy Consultant of Wellohi, Jiang Junqun, Secretary of the Board, Liu Lu, President of Union Marketing University, Chen Qi, Director of Marketing Center, Chen Yujie, Director of Centrum, Liang Sichao, Sales Director of South China War Zone, Hao Xu, Sales Director of North China War Zone, Liang Xiaoxia, Director of E-commerce Department, Chen Junbiao, Regional Director of South China War Zone (Mother and Child), Cheng Qianpeng, Director of Integrated Management Department, Zhang Chunrong, Finance Director, Dai Lili, Human Resources Director, Xiong Zhifen, General Office Assistant and more than 400 CNFONU families get together to welcome the New year.

  After a year of hard work, we now have a new journey, so that evening the CNFONU people were all dressed up and ready for their 2019 with confidence and morale, as the theme of this  annual meeting - Win the Dream, Promise Your Future.

  The hosts of this annual meeting are Qian feng, Dean of Nutrition Institute, and Lin yinxia, Marketing College.Before the party began, the opening film of the annual meeting shocked the atmosphere of the annual meeting with us to review the growth of CNFONU for more than 10 years.With the end of the video showing the retrospective of the growth of the enterprise, the party celebration of 2019 Guangzhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp., Ltd. has officially begun!In the warm applause, Mr. Cheng Yan, General Manager of CNFONU, delivered a speech on the stage.

Mr. Cheng Yan, general manager of CNFONU, delivering a speech

CNFONU leaders propose a toast

  Programmes are colorful and engaging

  At the dinner, various departments carefully prepared a series of performance programs.The songs performed by the Nutrition Institute, such as "New Drunken Beauty" + "Desert Camel" + "Wishing you Prosperity", were used as opening programs to elevate the atmosphere of the whole audience to a new level.  The enthusiastic "Hula Dance" and the sexy "Enthusiastic Spanish Girl" kept the screaming going.  The melodious and beautiful "Cup Dance" dance is unique, inspiring and unforgettable.  The fluorescent hand-shadow dance "Let Dreams Set Sail" is even warmer to melt everyone's heart.

School of Nutrition song series "New Drunken Beauty" + "Desert Camel" + "Wishing you Prosperity"

The Human Resources Department, the Operation Supervision Department and the Sales Support Department Dance "Enthusiastic Spanish Girl"

Finance Department "Cup Dance"

Whether singing, dancing or poetry recitatio
It's cool to say that
Clearly rely on appearature value to win
But must rely on the strength to conquer the annual meeting

Market Center Sing and Dance "Different Calories"

R & D Department and Quality Department Sing and Dance "Colorful World"

North China War Zone Short Sketch + Dance "Pig and Pig"

Purchasing Department, OEM Business Department and Channel Sales Department Highlight Dance "C Li C Li"

Human Resources Department, Operation Supervision Department and Sales Support Department's Fluorescent Hand Shadow Dance "Let Dreams Set Sail"

South China War Zone Dance "Create 101"

  An actor has all the talent
  There is no ambiguity in the choice of costumes and props
  Song and dance, short sketch and stage play, all very good

  E-commerce Department Short Sketch "Send the Letter to the Great Happiness"

  North China War Zone Short Sketch "Don't look for it"

  Centrum Poetry Reading "On the Road"

  A raffle for the excitement of the heart,
  rich and exquisite prizes,
  it also made the atmosphere of high tide lap up.

  Yang Pei, Vice General Manager of CNFONU, awarded for the partners who obtained the first prize

  Chen Tejun, Chief Strategy Consultant of Wellohi, awarded for the partners who obtained the special prize

  Award-winning programmes

  First prize: "C Li C Li"

  Second prize: "Hula Dance"

Third prize: "Different Calories"

  In 2018, we will work together to break the ice,

  2019, let us move forward, and win the dream!

  Here, CNFONU wishes you all:

  "Happy New year, always healthy"!
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