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Wellohis Parent-Child Ambassador Li Rui Came to Guangzhou to Shoot Advertising Film for the Brand!


  On January 19, Wellohi's parent-child ambassador [1] and "Where Are We Going, Dad?" - "Village Head" Li Rui made 2019' s latest advertising blockbuster for Wellohi brand.

  Li Rui, a professional host.His hosting style is unique and he is a very friendly host.In the course of presiding, Li Rui always gives  persons a calm and witty feeling.In 2013, Li Rui joined the parent-child outdoor reality show program - "Where Are We Going, Dad?" with the role of "Village Head", and served as "Village Head" in which he revealed that the image of simple and honest and steady is deeply loved by the audience all over the country, and is affectionately called "Brother Rui" by the audience.

  "Village Head" Li Rui, has been championed by many well-known brands with good public image and public interest, and has been declared to be the parent-child ambassador of the famous maternal and infant nutrition brand, Wellohi, in 2019.Today, Li Rui came to Guangzhou to shoot the latest advertising film for the Wellohi brand. No matter in front of the camera or outside the camera, "Village Head" Li Rui continues his image of children king of "Village Head" in "Where Are We Going, Dad?" and interacts with small actors with warmth, showing the brand's new image of Wellohi that is healthy, loving and energetic.

"Village Head" Li Rui at the Shooting Scene of the Wellohi Brand Advertising Film

  Wellohi and Li Rui became attached in May of last year, when Li Rui was invited to participate in  "Love Upgrades, Win the Future" 2018 enterprise strategic promotion conference for membership group of Wellohi brand.At the scene, a Wellohi terminal partner mentioned that he hoped Li Rui could come to their store to have a look, because many parents and children liked "Where Are We Going, Dad?" very much and liked him very much. if they could see him, it would be their happiest thing.It is this remark that has sharpened Li Rui's inspiration. He has been thinking about how to help more people realize the knowledge of healthy life through public welfare.Therefore, Li Rui and Wellohi "married for love" at the "3rd China i Berry Awards Ceremony" and both sides joined hands in public welfare cooperation around maternal and infant nutrition and health.

  In 2019, "Village Head" Li Rui officially became Wellohi's parent-child ambassador.

"Village Head" Li Rui and Young Actors Has a Warm Affection Interaction

"Village Head" Li Rui and Senior-level Staff of CNFONU Communicates Eagerly

  Wellohi signed a contract under which Li Rui acts as the brand's parent-child ambassador, making more consumers understand Wellohi.In 2019, Wellohi will carry out new upgrading of  its brand in an all-round way in order to bring new consumption experience to users, continuously to popularize maternal and infant nutrition and health knowledge, and do our best to improve the national physique.

Group Photo of Cheng Yan, General Manager of CNFONU and "Village head" Li Rui

Group Photo of On-site Staff and "Village head" Li Rui

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  [1]Wellohi's parent-child ambassador is an ordinary food spokesman with Wellohi only endorsements the general food series of Wellohi, including 12 ordinary food products such as intellectual gold DHA algal oil gel candy and so on.
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