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Fifteen seconds, thousands of roulette! Wellohi Algal Oil, Intellectual Gold Product Publicity Advertisement occupied MTR (Shenzhen) Metro Line 4

  Recently, Guangzhou CNFONU Health Technology Corp., Ltd.'s maternal and infant nutrition brand Wellohi product advertisement successfully landed in Shenzhen Metro!This product advertisement covers MTR (Shenzhen) Line 4 multi-media digital large screen, respectively on Line 4 Qinghu, Shenzhen North Railway Station, Shanghailin, Exhibition Center and Fumin 5 subway station points for 15 seconds, the daily thousands of roulette, to get near the consumers, and let consumers feel video link of heart and strength of Wellohi.

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Partial Video Screenshot

  Found in the 2007, Wellohi, has been committed to creating DHA brain intelligence nutrition brand and providing high-quality nutrition or mother and baby.Relying on  listing background of CNFONU and advanced brand concept, Wellohi has made positive contributions in promoting the development of maternal and infant health industry through a series of brand marketing measures and won the recognition and trust of the industry and users.

  This advertising focuses on Wellohi's algal oil soft capsule and Wellohi intelligent gold DHA algal oil gel candy, the two key strengths list.Wellohi algae oil soft capsule adopts Life's DHA algae oil imported from the United States and is certified by FDAGRAS of America.2017, Wellohi algae oil soft capsule advertisement landed on CCTV,  and broadcasted respectively in the prime time file of CCTV 1, CCTV 7, CCTV 10 and other CCTV channels.

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Advertisement of Wellohi Algal Oil Soft Capsule Once Landed on CCTV

  Wellohi intelligent gold DHA algal oil gel candy, native in New Zealand, contains about 100mg of DHA per grain, which is not transmitted through the food chain.The product was patronized by the village chief of "" Li Rui. The product was introduced by Li Rui - Wellohi's parent-child ambassador, "Where Are We Going, Dad?", and "Village Head".

  Nowadays, the subway is used as a vehicle for the high frequency of urban population, and it becomes a powerful channel for the promotion of Wellohi brand.In the future, we will continue to draw on major media platforms to approach consumers and deepen their understanding of Wellohi, so as to enter consumers' hearts and improve the popularity and identity of Wellohi brand.
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